Devine Aerial

TEXAS TEST FLEET is ideally situated to offer clients the wide variety of road conditions necessary for testing. Located in Devine, Texas, 50 miles Southwest of San Antonio – the nation’s 7th largest metropolitan area – we have easy access to urban and suburban driving conditions, as well as the ability to utilize extensive stretches of low traffic highways and rural roads located to our east, west, north and south. The proximity to San Antonio also makes it easy to travel to any off site location that might be needed for testing.

Texas Test Fleet is located on nine spacious acres with room to complete any task you request.
Latest scale system makes ballasting quick and accurate.

Alignments are completed to the tightest of tolerances and our frequent verifications guarantee they stay there.

If we run into trouble on the road our flat bed wrecker and road side assistance vehicle can be on the scene in no time.

(Left: Flat Bed Wrecker )

(Left: Road side Assistance)

No matter what size vehicle you want to test we can handle it.

Our talented technicians are trained to make sure you get your data in a timely manner.

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