Other Services Include:


Whether you want to prove your product as standard equipment on a manufacturer's vehicle or demonstrate the quality of your replacement or after-market parts, we can help. We can implement a test designed by your engineers or assist you in designing a test for your product from the ground up.



With access to secure high-speed tracks within an hours drive from our facility, and many more within five hour's drive, we have the ability to complete your testing in the shortest amount of time. Our driving team (who have completed high-speed Racing/handling School) are always eager to evaluate your products.


Both secure facilities used by TEXAS TEST FLEET have the capability to provide Wet and Dry Surface conditions for the following testing :

Stopping Distance ,   J-Turn ,   G-Circle ,   Slalom ,   Autocross ,   Ride Rating

All testing will be performed by our trained driving team with V-Box data collection instrumentation.



If your looking for instrumented traction testing with our Water Skid Trailer (year round) or Snow traction testing with an instrumented truck, we can provide you fast reliable data. Timing is critical with snow testing, so call early in the summer to reserve your spot for this winter’s testing.



Repeatable off-road courses are available to TEXAS TEST FLEET and its driving team. Rock climbing, dirt road, gravel road, and hill climbing are all available. Mud testing can be done on-site with minimal preparation. Type of mud/sand must be specified for proper testing. Instrumentation will measure traction and the ability to traverse the specified surface.



Maintenance & Repairs:

Our full-service facility includes a 16 bay repair shop staffed with experienced mechanics and equipped with state-of-the-art diagnostic technology.   Our mechanics are able to perform diagnostic and repair work, as well as routine maintenance on all the vehicles we operate - regardless if they are production vehicles or prototypes loaned by the manufacturers.   This way we keep costs low and tests on schedule.


But even if you choose to have your own engineers and mechanics perform maintenance and repair work, our staff will be available for consultation and to assist where ever necessary to insure that repairs are completed swiftly so your test can get back on the road.


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